BAYS Primer

BAYS Primer for Coaches

Welcome to playing in BAYS. Here are just a couple of suggestions about working with a BAYS travel team that you might find useful.

Navigating the BAYS website:

To begin, all head coaches have a BAYS login set up. You should have received an email from BAYS with this information, but if not, try your first initial/last name (i.e. Jay Heaps is jheaps), but you may also have a number after your last name, if it is a more common name. Passwords will be set up by you during your first login.

You are responsible for having correct contact information for you and your team on the BAYs website. You can update or correct your own contact information by going to the Login tab on the BAYS site. There is a request new password recovery function there if you have forgotten your password.You can update your own profile with this login and then change your password. Make sure the email and phone are ones you can be easily reached on, especially during the weekends when most games are played.

Your BAYS Division Director will be in contact directly, and they will ask you to review the BAYS Coach Responsibilities

Head coaches (we don’t list assistants) are listed in BAYS and you may suddenly start receiving emails titled:  * BAYS * Game Change Notification. These are generated when Westwood or another town assigns the BAYS game a time and field. Don’t worry about them, they are confusing, especially if the time doesn’t change but it was just the field that was assigned. Times may also change, so you have to read it carefully.

Logging into BAYS before looking at your section allows you to see the emails of your opposing coaches in clear and to mail them from your system directly instead of using some convoluted BAYS emailer.

To find your team, Click on the link in the Coach/Manager->My Teams menu. Or go to our full team list and then find your team.

BAYS Teams and Standings Pages for Westwood

You will see your schedule there. At the beginning of the season, home and away assignments are correct but times may not be finalized. If there is a FIELD listed next to a time, then you can consider that a confirmed game time. If there is NOT a field listed, then the time listed is still a default. Westwood does not pre-assign fields, so all Westwood times are listed as the default to begin the season.

Next, to see your section with all of your opposing coach information, scroll up on your team page and you will see your Section assignment number in dark blue that you can click on. Now you will be able to see a list of your opposing coaches. You can click on the small blue envelope next to their names to open a DIRECT email to them in your own email client. This allows you to get their direct email addresses. On that section page you will also be able to see your Section Captain and Division Director after they have been assigned.

There are a couple of communications and action steps that should happen during the season:

To Start the season:

Weekly during the season:

Here is an example intro letter to send to all the opposing coaches in your section prior to the first game, customize as you see fit. (all 7v7 fields are grass except for MP field; ).


Hello Coaches in Div X Section Y:

I am Jane Smith, coach of the Westwood Wolverines, and I wanted to check in with you before the season.

Please note that if you don’t see a field listed next to a Westwood game time, then that game time is still the default, and we will be inputting final game information soon which may vary.

Directions to Westwood fields can be found on our website and clicking through the Field Locations and Directions link on the top left.

Please also note that Westwood has a strict NO DOGS policy on all of its fields and we request that this information be passed on to your team parents so that we avoid any issues at the games.

In case of bad weather, game status can also be found at the Weekend field status link on our homepage: I will also communicate via email/text.

WHS Multi-Purpose and Flahive fields are turf so expect to play unless there is lightning, but all the other fields are grass and may close at times.

Hope this covers it all. Can you all please also confirm your game times and fields if possible, as we know NOT to assume that the listed times are correct? If BAYS is correct then no worries.

My cell phone is listed below in case you need to reach me for any reason.

Looking forward to seeing all of you. Have a great season.


Jane Smith

Coach Westwood Wolverines Div X Section Y

H: 781-xxx-xxx

C: 617-xxx-xxx