Coaching Requirements

Coach/Volunteer Requirements: MA SafeSoccer - (scroll down for Current Credential status)

Thank you for volunteering to help coach your child’s youth soccer team! We could not do it without you.

Abuse in youth sports is more prevalent than most of us think—and it can happen even in Westwood. A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that around 1 million children per year experience some form of abuse in a youth sports setting.

Westwood Youth Soccer seeks to uphold the highest standards for participant safety by ensuring all coaches and volunteers comply with the most rigorous standards for background checks and abuse training as required by U.S. Soccer and MA Youth Soccer.

We do this not just because it’s the law, since Congress passed the Safe Sport Authorization Act, but because it’s the right thing to do. Abuse prevention is now an integral part of our roles as youth soccer coaches and volunteers.

Therefore, there are requirements that every coach, volunteer, and evaluator must complete each soccer year:

  • An expanded background check and screening process (good for three years, but information updated annually)

  • A certified abuse prevention online training course (Core training or Refresher course)

  • One of the two approved concussion training courses (Good for up to two soccer years)

  • Annual Adult Registration in the MA Youth soccer administration system

  • Review of and Adherence to the MA Safe Soccer Required Policies

Click here to start the process for this soccer year: MA Safe Soccer

Click here to review the Safe Soccer Required Policies including a link to our Mandatory Reporting Process/Contacts:

SafeSoccer Required Policies

Current Coach Credential Status

Click here to view the status of your Coaching Requirements that must be completed prior to being issued a credential. The files are organized by team for Grades 3-8 and by Grade Group for Mites K-2. Search for your team or your name.

Current Grade 3-8 Coach Status File

Current Mites K-2 Coach Status File

This is updated as of the time noted in the file. It is NOT dynamic. Plus, the Mass Youth Soccer SportsConnect system has a 24 hr lag until accounts are visible. Please keep that in mind.

If you are completely blank, it most likely means that you have not yet registered in SportsConnect (Step 1). Please get started ASAP!

If you know you registered, but are still showing as blank, then it could be the time lag noted above or an email issue because different emails were used to register in the MA Youth system and in the WYS system and these files use email to synch up information. Contact the Registrar to get that addressed.

Directions to complete outstanding requirements are found here: MA Safe Soccer

Contact the Registrar with any specific questions.