MA Safe Soccer

MA SafeSoccer

As mandated by federal law, Westwood Youth Soccer follows a comprehensive Adult Registration and CORI/SORI security background check procedure, as well completion of a mandatory abuse prevention course, concussion training, and required policy review requirements for all adults working with children.

The process is called MA SafeSoccer and is required even if you recently did a CORI for WYS or another organization. The system Mass Youth Soccer is using is called U.S. Sports Connect.

MA SafeSoccer Multi-Step Process:

Some helpful tips BEFORE STARTING: 

STEP 1:    Annual Registration with Mass Youth Soccer, including authorization for your CORI/SORI checks and collection of fairly extensive profile information. 

STEP 2:    Complete SafeSport Abuse Prevention online course through U.S. Soccer Learning Center

STEP 3:    Complete online Concussion Training Certification 

STEP 4:    Verify in your Sports Connect account that you have successfully completed all three requirements. Full completion is required before working with the kids.

Step 4A: CORI Verified: One-time Validation for NEW Coaches 

If you are a NEW coach, or one who does not have a check mark in the CORI Verified box in your Certificates tab, there is a one-time validation of identification required by the Commonwealth of MA. This can be done after applying for your CORI and does NOT have to wait until your CORI is processed.


This is what the CORI Acknowledgment Form looks like

U.S. Sports Connect Tech Support

If you are having issues with this system or downloading your forms, please contact tech support immediately. This system is not run by WYS, and we cannot help you with account set up or password issues.

Help line number: (855) 703-2558 or (800) 808-7195