Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance

The BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy is as follows:

All individuals responsible for a team and all spectators shall support the referee. Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, the referee, and all the other participants and spectators.

Consequently, BAYS has adopted and modified the following rules:

ZT violation levels are assigned by the referee according to the following scale: 1 = minor; 2 = major; 3 = most severe.

Link to BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy 

Participants must also follow the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association’s (MYSA) Zero Tolerance Policy can be found HERE.  Serious threats or acts of physical harm constitute referee abuse or assault and should result in immediate game termination. Please see the MYSA ZT policy regarding specific reporting processes for Referee Abuse and Referee Assault.