Mandatory Reporting

Mandatory Child Abuse Prevention Reporting Contact List

(All parties listed below MUST be contacted when physical or sexual abuse is observed or suspected)

  1. Call Local Law Enforcement/Child Protective Services: Westwood Police: 781-320-1000

  1. Contact Westwood Youth Soccer Risk Manager: and Club President:

  1. Contact the Department of Children and Families (DCF) within 24 hours; DCF also requires a written report be submitted within 48 hours of the initial call.

  1. Submit a report online with Mass Youth Soccer via the Players Health portal; Click HERE.

  • Players Health will work with you to make sure all required reports (including SafeSport) and steps (notifying U.S. Soccer) are completed.

  • When in doubt, submit a report online to Players Health; they will inform you of next steps.

Report other forms of misconduct such as emotional abuse, bullying, hazing, or harassment to the Westwood Youth Soccer Risk Manager and President who will convene a review board.

Westwood Youth Soccer