Tournaments/Winter Soccer

Tournaments/Winter Soccer


Tournaments are a great way for players of all ability levels to build their skills. There are many different tournaments and some cater specifically to town teams, like Westwood that field travel teams in the BAYS soccer league. Tournaments usually offer different ability brackets as well so that you can find a match for your team.

Players from different Westwood teams may come together on the roster of a tournament team. This is fun for the kids to get to play with some of their friends who may not be on their regular travel team. See recruitment rules below including that all players must come from teams without a scheduled league game so that there is no roster conflict.

Here is a link to the Mass Youth Soccer website listing of tournaments. Feel free to contact your WYS Grade Coordinator or the director of coaching if you have more questions about putting a team into a tournament.

If it is a patch tournament, please contact our equipment coordinator at far enough ahead to get your supply of patches.

Also, do not forget to let our field coordinator know that you are canceling your game if it is a home game.

WYS Tournament/Indoor Soccer Subsidies

To encourage more soccer play, WYS will subsidize teams to enter MYSA sanctioned tournaments and winter leagues at indoor soccer/futsal facilities. Subsidized amounts may vary year to year and will be set in the spring for the following soccer year, August – July.

Subsidy Guidelines:

1.    ALL players and coaches on the team must be registered with WYS to play/coach in the current soccer year, either in the fall or spring, to ensure all required documentation is in place. For winter soccer/futsal, all players and all coaches must be registered with WYS in the most recent fall season.

2.    The coach who is organizing the opportunity must invite ALL members of her/his team to participate first. The team that is originally offered the opportunity is called the "core team" for determining total subsidy allotment.

3.    If there are not enough players who sign up from the core team, players from other WYS teams may be recruited, but only from teams that are NOT scheduled to play their own BAYS or 3rd grade game that weekend. Players must play with their assigned league team in any scheduled game instead of playing on a tournament team. 

4.    Each WYS "core team" may be reimbursed for a maximum of TWO subsides each soccer year (August-July):

a.    One MYSA sanctioned tournament either in the fall or spring

b.    One winter soccer/futsal session

5.    Subsidies cannot be applied to club soccer, clinics, or summer camps.

Current Subsidy Amounts: 

Subsidy Request Process:

Good luck to all the teams!