Documents & Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The purpose of Westwood Youth Soccer is to promote and enhance the game of soccer for the youth in the Town of Westwood. The organization offers a variety of programs including intramural (K-2nd Grade) and town travel programs (Grades 3-8). We strive, for all players, to encourage passion and enthusiasm for the game of soccer and to promote respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, fans and self. We are committed to ongoing training and development for our coaches and referees as a means to further enhance the Westwood youth soccer experience and create a foundation for a lifelong enjoyment of athletics.

Westwood Youth Soccer is a Non-Profit Organization affiliated with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Statement of Philosophy

For Players, Coaches, and Referees

The purpose of Westwood Youth Soccer (WYS) is to provide a program through which children can learn to play soccer while having fun and learning to feel good about themselves. WYS makes every effort to provide an environment in which children can develop a strong sense of self-esteem, team and social skills, sportsmanship and an appreciation for the game.

  1. Westwood Youth Soccer considers the teaching of good sportsmanship to be as important as the teaching of good soccer skills. The coach should be the role model for this lesson.

  2. Westwood Youth Soccer encourages participation regardless of athletic ability and emphasizes player development over winning. Each child shall receive equal playing time under the following conditions:

At the travel level (U9-U14), children who attend practice on a regular basis shall play a minimum of half the game. WYS will strive to ensure that each team is small enough to make this possible.

At the mite level (K-2) this means that all children shall have equal playing time.

  1. All coaches, players, parents and other spectators shall treat each other with respect at all times. All communication should be constructive. Children are to be praised for their efforts and encouraged to play to the best of their abilities.

  2. Westwood Youth Soccer provides an opportunity for our referees to develop leadership skills, to assume responsibility, and to become positive adolescent role models for the program’s younger players. In support of our referees, WYS fully endorses and enforces Boston Area Youth Soccer’s (BAYS) Soccer’s Zero Tolerance Policy. The Zero Tolerance Policy for referees is recommended by Federation Internationale De Football Association.

It is every coachs responsibility to communicate Westwood Youth Soccer Philosophy to the players and parents both directly and in their actions. All players, parents, referees and coaches are encouraged to inform the WYS board of any conflicts or lack of adherence to this philosophy.

Code of Conduct

The Players

Respect your opponents by playing hard, fair and within the rules

Show respect to your teammates

Show respect to all referees

Show respect to your coaches

Appreciate the time and energy your parents have spent to provide you with this opportunity

The Coach

Will place the physical and emotional well being of player over all else

Treats own players and opponents with respect

Tries to always encourage and be positive when correcting

Respects the officials and their judgment

Disciplines those on the team who displays unsportsmanlike behavior

Inspires love of the game and the desire to compete fairly

The Parents & Spectators

Encourages, never criticizes players

Respects the judgment and strategies of the coach

Respects the officials and their judgments

Respects opponent players, coaches, and spectators

The Officials (Referee, Linesmen)

Knows the rules and their interpretation

Places the welfare of the participants above all other considerations

Treats player and coaches with respect and demands the same from them

Seek to be fair and firm in all decisions

Maintain confidence, poise and self control throughout the game

Westwood Youth Soccer is bound by and supports the BAYS “Zero Tolerance Policy”.