COVID Resources

All players, coaches, referees, and spectators are required to adhere to all published guidelines and protocols, including all revisions made available, from the federal, state, or local government, or MA Youth Soccer and Westwood Youth Soccer. Each team is required to have an assistant coach who acts as a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator while on the field.

Current COVID Safety Guidelines in effect:

Mask are not required for players, coaches, referees or spectators.

  • Since many young children are not vaccinated, masks are RECOMMENDED for adults in close proximity to players.

  • Please keep in mind, individuals may choose to wear a mask at their, or in the case of a child, the parents’ discretion. As a community, WYS should continue to support and respect all individuals and avoid any mask shaming or bullying.

It is now recommended that players maintain 6’ distancing when not actively playing/on the sidelines

  • Close huddles and prolonged close body contact should be avoided when possible

Spectators must still stay in Family Groups and remain 6’ from other Family Groups

    • Siblings may be brought to games but must also stay in family group and not congregate

    • CDC/Public Health recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated spectators should be followed: CDC Mask Guidelines

No shared snacks/popsicles or water.

Carpooling is discouraged, but, if necessary, masks should be worn and windows should be open

CLEARED TeamSnap Health Check required for participation.

Accurate attendance records must be kept, if needed for contact tracing.

Click the links below to access more detailed information about our current WYS safety protocols:

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