Evaluations Upload

Westwood Youth Soccer 
Spring 2015 Evaluation Form Upload

Coaches, thank you for a great season! We appreciate the time and effort you put in on and off the field.

Input from coaches is a key component of our player placement and team formation process.

Please use the applet below to upload your completed team evaluation spreadsheet. You and your assistants all received a copy of the form, but only ONE form per team should be submitted with your combined input. 

This widget will rename and store the file using the information you provide so that we can keep track.


  • Work with your Assistant coaches to completely fill out a combined evaluation form for your team.
  • As HEAD coach, fill in your LAST Name in the space provided
  • Select your team’s CURRENT Gender/Age bracket in the dropdown:

§  B8/G8 = 2nd grade

§  B9/G9 = 3rd grade

§  B10/G10 = 4th grade

§  B11/G11 = 5th grade

§  B12/G12 = 6th grade

§  B14/G14 = 7/8th grade

  • Choose the completed EXCEL evaluation from your computer files
  • Hit SUBMIT Once — It may take a moment. When successful, a message saying "File Has Been Received, Thank You!" will appear.
  • If you have trouble with the applet, please email the form to your age group coordinator.