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Uniforms and WYS Gear

Soccer Uniforms: 

We use online vendor Score Sports for WYS uniforms. The uniform kit option includes a WYS numbered jersey, logo shorts, and matching green soccer socks. Items can also be ordered separately.

An assortment of WYS logo apparel and gear is now also available for purchase.

A Size Chart can be found at the bottom of the item selection pages on the Score site. 

Our uniform vendor is doing a site upgrade until Tuesday 3/9. We will repost the uniform ordering link when the new site is functional.

All New or Incoming 3rd Grade - 8th Grade players will be assigned a jersey number before the start of the season. Please only order the number assigned to your child by WYS. 

3rd Grade Assigned Soccer Jersey numbers are linked below:

Fall 2020 3rd Grade GIRLS Jersey #s

Fall 2020 3rd Grade BOYS Jersey #s

Reordering Soccer Uniforms: 

When reordering a uniform for an older child already in the program, you must keep the same jersey number that was originally assigned by WYS. 

If you do not remember the number please contact the WYS registrar.

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