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Becoming a Referee

Want to become a soccer referee?? If you are interested in becoming a certified referee for the upcoming season please check the courses listed at All certifications are issued with the completion of these courses. Westwood Youth Soccer has no authority over certifying a referee. If you see an open course that works for your personal schedule, sign up!

Here are some traits that help make a good referee:

1) Confidence to take action when it will be noticed.

2) Ability to think fast.

3) Interest in learning the rules well.

Refereeing is not for everyone but is a good experience for those who want to work at it.

Current and prospective referees can direct questions to our Referee Coordinator, Bruce Masi-Phelps. To be included in our scheduling data base all newly certified referees should send an e-mail to the Referee Coordinator, who can be reached at:

New referees need to buy:

  • Yellow Referee Shirt
  • Black Referee Shorts
  • Black Referee Socks with 3 white stripes
  • Whistle ( Metal preferred )

These can be purchased at or other stores online. Purchase early because stores sell out close to the start of the season.

Westwood Youth Soccer provides a flag, red/yellow cards, and a spare whistle for new refs.

MassRef Age Requirements:
  • Beginning referees age 12-15 take the Grade 9 course.
  • Beginning referees age 16 or older take the Grade 8 course.
  • Referees looking to advance from Grade 9 to Grade 8 using the Bridge Course should check for detailed requirements.

Current referees will need to take an annual re-certification course after the 2012 Fall season to get their 2013 badge. ( A few recertification courses are offered in the summer for the 2013 badge.) All referees must be certified with a current year badge.