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Becoming a Referee

Want to become a soccer referee?? If you are interested in becoming a certified referee for the upcoming season please check the courses listed at http://www.massref.net/Central/courseofferings.cfm?CourseType=1&SortOrder=date&ZipCode=. Beginning refs need to take the Referee Grade 8 Entry Level course. 

All certifications are issued with the completion of these courses. Westwood Youth Soccer has no authority over certifying a referee. If you see an open course that works for your personal schedule, sign up!

If you will be 14 by the course date you should be able to enroll online. If you turn 14 between the course date and April 8 contact CourseAdministrator@MassRef.net

Here are some traits that help make a good referee:

         1) Confidence to take action when it will be noticed.

2) Ability to think fast.

3) Interest in learning the rules well.

Refereeing is not for everyone but is a good experience for those who want to work at it.

Current and prospective referees can direct questions to our Referee Coordinator. To be included in our scheduling database all newly certified referees should send an e-mail to the Referee Coordinator, who can be reached at:


New referees need to buy:

  • Yellow Referee Shirt
  • Black Referee Shorts
  • Black Referee Socks with 3 white stripes
  • Whistle ( Metal preferred )
  • Watch with a timer

These can be purchased at We Got Soccerepic sports or other stores online. Purchase early because stores sell out close to the start of the season.

Westwood Youth Soccer provides a flag, red/yellow cards, velcro badge holder (for back of badge) and a spare whistle for new refs.

Current referees will need to take an annual re-certification course to get their current year badge. These courses are offered in the summer, fall, and early winter. All referees must be certified with a current year badge.