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Coaches Meeting Summary - Grade 3-8

posted Mar 17, 2018, 1:45 PM by Evelyn Somers   [ updated Apr 2, 2018, 8:00 PM ]
Summary of the key points from the WYS Grade 3-8 Coaches Meeting
  • NEW Requirement: ALL coaches (max of 3) on team sidelines must wear their MYSA 2017-2018 Coach Credential lanyards. This includes Under 18 coaches and replaces the small BAYS coach ID cards. 
    • Please check NOW that you have your 2017-2018 lanyard, and if you DON’T, email registrar@westwoodsoccer.org and request one. You must have completed all your coaching requirements to be able to get a credential.
  • Important Items: A number of topics covered are listed on this page on our website:  
    • http://www.westwoodsoccer.org/home/coach-s-corner
    • Be sure to Review: 
      • Zero Tolerance Policy - You are responsible for the behavior of your team spectators!
      • BAYS Primer
      • Strategies for Managing Lopsided Scores and not Running Up the Score!
      • Laws of the Game
      • Procedure to Cancel and Reschedule Games
      • Tournaments for Memorial Day
      • Many links are provided for practice plans, formations, offsides, fitness suggestions, etc.
  • Professional Coach Help: The contact information to have someone from John Smith Sports come to your practice is: felicity@johnsmithsports.com. This is HIGHLY recommended at least once during each season and is very helpful!
  • Rosters: for Grades 3-8 teams have been sent to the league. Rosters and team information/medical sheets were also sent out to the listed HEAD coach of each team. If the league rejects a roster or there is some issue, you will be sent a revised roster.
  • Preseason Practice Time and Week 1: Contact Chuck fieldscheduler@westwoodsoccer.org to book preseason practice time. Grass fields are doubtful for Week 1, so prepare for some chaos and be flexible. The BAYS league has already extended the make-up window until May 13!
  • Equipment Needs/Tournament Patches: equipment@westwoodsoccer.org
  • Referee Issues and Evaluations: Contact Bruce refereecoordinator@westwoodsoccer.org directly if you have Game Day ref issues, phone also if possible. Also remember to fill out your Ref evaluations for each home game for a chance to receive an Amazon gift card!