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Field Locations & Directions

  • Please note that NO ANIMALS (i.e. dogs) are allowed on Westwood soccer fields except registered Service animals.
  • All fields at the High School are turf. The rest of the fields in Westwood are grass.
  • Please PICK UP TRASH after every game or practice.

Field Conditions:


Check Weekend Field Status


Select this link for practices and games. Select this link for status of any scheduled clinics.

If the fields are open then it is assumed that the game will be played.  Rain, in and of itself, is not a reason to cancel a game.  However, dangerous field conditions are (ie standing water).  When in doubt, play the game.

Directions and Field Sizes:      

Thurston Middle School
  7 v 7, 9 v 9, 11 v 11

Field A is the 7 v 7 field closer to the buildings 

Field B
is the  7 v 7 field in the corner of the field complex further from the buildings

Field Lower is the 11 v 11 field further away from the buildings

Field Upper is both an 9v9 and and 11v11 field It is the field behind the school buildings
Westwood High School
  7 v 7, 9 v 9, 11 v 11
The Flahive Field is to the left of the High School
(11 v 11)

The Multi Purpose fields are in back of the High School behind the parking lot
(7 v 7, 9 v 9)

Sheehan School
Mites(K-2), 7 v 7, 9 v 9, 11 v 11
Lodge Field
9 v 9, 11 v 11
  Downey School 
7 v 7  
  Hanlon School 
7 v 7  
 Senior Center
 7 v 7   
Deerfield School
9 v 9
 Looking for an out of town field? This link will bring you to a page that has links to all town teams within Bays. 
WYS cannot guarantee the accuracy of another town's website.