Code of Conduct


The Players

Respect your opponents by playing hard, fair and within the rules

Show respect to your teammates

Show respect to all referees

Show respect to your coaches

Appreciate the time and energy your parents have spent to provide you with this opportunity


The Coach

Will place the physical and emotional well being of player over all else

Treats own players and opponents with respect

Tries to always encourage and be positive when correcting

Respects the officials and their judgment

Disciplines those on the team who displays unsportsmanlike behavior

Inspires love of the game and the desire to compete fairly



The Parents & Spectators


Encourages, never criticizes players

Respects the judgment and strategies of the coach

Respects the officials and their judgments

Respects opponent players, coaches, and spectators



The Officials (Referee, Linesmen)


Knows the rules and their interpretation

Places the welfare of the participants above all other considerations

Treats player and coaches with respect and demands the same from them

Seek to be fair and firm in all decisions

Maintain confidence, poise and self control throughout the game



Westwood Youth Soccer is bound by and supports the BAYS “Zero Tolerance Policy”.