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WYS Mandatory Concussion Training

Our league now requires that all head and assistant coaches complete mandatory concussion training offered by the CDC prior to the start of the season. This training can be done on any computer in your home or office. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You can pause the program for a short time, but CANNOT RESTART the module without starting over at the beginning.

CRITICAL NOTE:  At the end of the training session there will be a list of questions you need to answer and when you are DONE a certificate will pop up. You type in your name and SAVE the PDF file to your computer with your last name as the start of the file name. You must do this immediately after you finish the program, since once you log out your information will NOT be saved!

The final step is to email this completion certificate back to your age group coordinator.

Click the link below to go right to the CDC concussion training.