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SafeSport/CORI Check

As mandated by federal law, Westwood Youth Soccer follows a NEW comprehensive Adult Registration and CORI/SORI security background check procedure, as well completion of mandatory abuse prevention, concussion training, and required policy review requirements for all adults working with children.

The process is called SafeSport and is required even if you recently did a CORI for WYS or another organization. The new system Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA) is using is called StackSports (Stack).

SafeSport Process:

Some helpful tips BEFORE STARTING: 

  • Be sure to use the same email address and password for all of your SafeSport components.
  • Strongly recommend that you complete the registration on a computer as it gets involved.
  • Be sure to use your full LEGAL first, middle, and last name.
  • You need to have your driver’s license number and expiration date.
  • You need to have a color head shot photo (under 1 MB in size) on the device you are using that can be uploaded. You will also need a photo to upload within the Abuse Training course when you get to that part as well.
    • The selected photo must be a CLEAR, HEAD Only picture of you with NO other people in the picture, no sunglasses, no hats, and sufficiently well lit and CLOSE enough to clearly see your face. Parts of other people, including faces, arms, hands, etc. are also not allowed.
  • Below the question that asks whether you have lived outside of the State of Massachusetts in the last 7 years, if you have not lived elsewhere, select “no” and type the word “none” in the space provided.
  • Westwood is in Norfolk County. When asked for Region, they are asking for State.
  • Your role will most likely be Coach or Assistant Coach; multiple roles may be checked off
  • WYS is NOT able to see ANY of your background check information. It is kept CONFIDENTIAL. All that we receive back will be your name and your clearance status.
  • Ignore the third upload space in Stack for Safety/Additional Certification. Nothing needed there.

SafeSport is a multi-step process conducted all in Stack:

1.    Initial Registration including authorization for your CORI/SORI checks and collection of fairly extensive profile information. Get this part done ASAP since the background checks take time to process and cannot be expedited.

  • You will get an email confirmation from Stack immediately upon setting up you logon email and password titled: Westwood Youth Soccer: Account Information. Save that email as it contains a direct link back to your new Stack account. Use that link to return to complete any steps in the process that you do not finish initially.
  • Additionally, in a few days you will receive a second, superfluous email titled: Westwood Youth Soccer Online Registration from Stack with no links. Ignore this one.

2.    Completion of the SafeSport Abuse Prevention online course

  • 90+ minutes for initial training, then a required 30 minute refresher course annually. You can stop and resume if necessary. You will also need a head shot photo to upload within the Abuse Training course (under 1 MB in size).
  • Please use the link within your Stack account to take the Abuse Prevention training; this way the system will automatically mark you as Approved. If you took the training after July of this year for another organization, you may upload that certificate instead of retaking the training.
  • U.S. Soccer will be your organization and is preselected.
  • If the system is unusually slow or has technical difficulties, you may want to try at a different time. Chrome browser seems to work the best.

3.    Completion of the CDC Concussion Training Certification.

  • The Center for Disease Control training is now the ONLY Mass Youth Soccer approved method for concussion training. A direct link to the CDC training is provided in your Stack account. You will need to upload your completion certificate for approval.
  • If you have your CDC Completion certificate from last year, you may upload it, as it is still valid instead of retaking the course (just this first year).
  • Again, if the system is unusually slow, you may want to try at a different time OR here is a nifty new alternative method of completing this training: CDC Transcript Work Around

Click the Westwood SafeSport link highlighted in yellow below to start the registration process on Stack:

Initial Account Set up
  • ONLY the first time you register, click on the Coach/Volunteer Register Now green checkmark to go to the next page. 
  • In the white box, use the New Here? Create New Account button to set up your Stack account.                                                        

Existing Account Login

  • If you already went in once and created your Stack account please either use the direct link you received in your Account Information email confirmation, or if you use the general link below, click on the RED Member Login button on the top right side of the screen in the blue bar, INSTEAD of the green checkmark box to login to an existing account. Otherwise you will create a duplicate account registration. 

Westwood SafeSport: westwood.mayouthsoccerconnect.org

Lastly, if you have NEVER coached/volunteered for WYS before, you need to provide a one-time validation of identification. Two documents are needed. 

Print out a copy of the two page CORI Acknowledgement Form within Stack and SIGN the form on the first page where it has a line for signature of CORI subject. Then follow the instructions below to send it in.

Send the signed Acknowledgement form, along with a copy of the front of your Driver's License as validating ID, via either Paper MAIL or get those two documents into electronic form (scan or just take a legible picture) and send it:

EMAIL (preferred): registrar@westwoodsoccer.org

Or Paper Mail:

WYS Risk Manager
38 Far Reach Road
Westwood, MA 02090 

Signed receipt form and copy of Driver's license required. Save your printout on your own computer.



Stack System Tech Support

If you are having issues with this system or downloading your forms, please contact tech support immediately. This system is not run by WYS, and we cannot help you with account set up or password issues.

Stack Support Phone: (866) 892-0777 Press 2 for support and press 2 for association, club, and league connect, then press 1.

Email: candlconnectsupport@stacksports.com