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Coach License Courses

It is highly recommended for all coaches in WYS to take the coach training license courses offered by Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA).
There is no cost to our coaches to take the G, F, or E level courses, as WYS reimburses the fee or directly pays for these courses.

The G course (4 hours) is the first level of Coach licensing offered by MYSA and must be taken prior to moving on to more advanced courses in the series including the “F” (8 hours) and the “E” (16 hours).

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE new coaches take the introductory “G” course, especially Kindergarten coaches. We do NOT recommend the online version of the G course.

Westwood usually hosts a G course at the beginning of each fall season and sometimes hosts F and E courses. Here is the link to the MYSA education page where you can find the current course calendar:


If a course is in Westwood, registration and payment is through WYS. You must register on your own for courses outside of Westwood and then submit your course completion certificate to the WYS Treasurer for reimbursement.

 The content covered by the G course is: 

  •          Coaching organization and theory   
  •          How to become a resourceful and creative "Activity Leader".
  •          How to shape your kids' soccer environment.
  •          Ideas and suggestions about organizing practices and game days
  •          Practical activities and stimulating games for practices
  •          Teaching and correcting dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques
  •          Ideas on parent education and learning theory
  •          Characteristics of U6 and U8 players and age appropriate coaching methodology

 The content covered by the F course is: 

  •          Discussions of the many characteristics of the U10 and U12 player.
  •          Technically and tactically age appropriate activities for U10 and U12 players
  •          Information on how to design and implement an effective training session
  •          More thorough demonstration of basic technique in dribbling, passing, receiving, tackling, heading, and shooting
  •          Elementary goalkeeping techniques
  •          Basic tactical ideas in reference to the principles of play
  •          Discussions on the differences in coaching each gender, motivation and team building, injury prevention and management, and ethics.

 The content covered by the E course is: 

  •          The E License course combines soccer theory and practice
  •          Discussions of various systems of play, laws of the game, and restarts
  •          Games and exercises for age appropriate practices
  •          Tactical ideas, including the tactics of 2 vs 1 situations
  •          Goalkeeping