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Board of Directors 2013/2014

Westwood Youth Soccer is administered by a board of directors. New members are elected to the Board for positions which take effect on July 1. If you have an interest in volunteering, please email president@westwoodsoccer.org.
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PositionNameEmail Address
PositionNameEmail Address
President Sheila Moylan president@westwoodsoccer.org  
Vice President  Evelyn Somers vicepresident@westwoodsoccer.org 
Secretary John Foley secretary@westwoodsoccer.org 
Treasurer Jane Ollerhead treasurer@westwoodsoccer.org 
Field Scheduler Katariina Lahti fieldscheduler@westwoodsoccer.org 
Player Placement Coordinator U10 Christine Vella; Chad Vella playerplacement10@westwoodsoccer.org 
Player Placement Coordinator U11 Katariina Lahti  playerplacement11@westwoodsoccer.org 
Player Placement Coordinator U12  Mark Plecinoga playerplacement12@westwoodsoccer.org 
Player Placement Coordinator U14  Mark Plecinoga playerplacement14@westwoodsoccer.org 
Director of Coaching Jon Grant directorofcoaching@westwoodsoccer.org 
Equipment Doug Edwards, Lisa Reardon equipment@westwoodsoccer.org 
Social Coordinator  Jennifer Zonderman; Denise Yu-Szeto  socialcoordinator@westwoodsoccer.org  
Referee Coordinator  Bruce Masi-Phelps  refereecoordinator@westwoodsoccer.org  
Registrar  Evelyn Somers registrar@westwoodsoccer.org 
Webmaster Karen Plecinoga webmaster@westwoodsoccer.org 
Operations Support Coordinator Karen Plecinoga opsupportcoordinator@westwoodsoccer.org 
Kindergarten - Program Coordinator Jill Rezek, Patty Spink kindergarten@westwoodsoccer.org 
First Grade - Program Coordinator Jim Buza firstgrade@westwoodsoccer.org 
Second Grade - Program Coordinator Tara Mansour secondgrade@westwoodsoccer.org 
U9 - Program Coordinator Jen Bowers; Diana Lambert u9coordinator@westwoodsoccer.org 
Showing 20 items